Classes offered for kids 2+


Ballet (mandatory for all students)

Ballet holds tradition as one of the world's most elegant dance arts where placement of the body, poise and proper alignment are highlighted. We utilize the appropriate classical terminology and include barre work, adagio, petite allegro, grand allegro and turns. Classes range in level depending on student's ability.

Creative Movement BALLET (2-4 Option 1) Creative Movement increases enthusiasm for learning through music, dance and creative dramatic exercises where children will improve self-awareness, bodily coordination, rhythm, basic terminology and build motivation by fostering group participation in the dance classroom. Dance Discovery BALLET(2-4 Option 2)

Dancers will improve agility, coordination and grace, along with building self-esteem, stage presence and the ability to interact with other children in a structured setting. Utilizing magic wands, scarves and ballet basics, even the youngest rising star can feel the excitement of ballet learning steps such as a plié, tendu, soutenu and sauté!

Contemporary (11+/ Audition Only for Ages Under 11)

This style of dance borrows from a collection of dance movements developed in modern and postmodern dance, as well as an array of still developing philosophies about body/mind interconnectedness.

Modern (Audition Only)

Modern dance, also known as Contemporary, invigorates the body and liberates the mind by challenging the conventional forms of dance training. Modern is many times seen as "unbalancing ballet" as many movements are asymmetrical, literally off balance and executed using a breath-release methodology.

Pointe Prep/Pre Pointe BALLET(Invitation only)

Our Pre-Pointe class prepares students for the demanding technique of pointe work. Pointe is a specialized ballet training that requires the proper development of muscles in order to prevent injuries and ensure success. Enrollment in this class is at the discretion of the teacher and students must meet a minimum ballet class requirement.

Guys Tech (Boys Only)

Creates a comfortable environment for male dancers to practice creative self-expression and technical skill building. Geared toward dancers as well as athletes, this class emphasizes, strength, agility, and flexibility.This class has been proven to increase performance in students chosen sport with higher levels of body awareness and attention to small motor skills as well as substantially decrease susceptibility to injury.

JAZZ (5+)

This popular class uses age appropriate music and energetic movement to introduce the concept of parallel positioning for the feet and exaggerated isolated movements for strength, showmanship and foundational techniques for the further study of dance. Jazz concentrates on body alignment, guided stretch and fun combinations!

TKL Jazz(10+)

Focusing primarily on the technical aspects of dance more specifically—turns, kicks, and leaps. This class cultivates the necessary skill-base to execute every dance trick, turn, and leap that will ultimately enhance the mastery level of the dancer.


Distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns all age groups can learn the basic principles of rhythm and timing taught in every level of tap. From TOTS (2-4), Pre-Tap (age 5) to our advanced level tap classes, combinations are put to a variety of music styles, showcasing both traditional Broadway Tap with the latest Tap Jam and Stomp techniques.

HIP HOP (5+)

Hip hop is a high-energy class that will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements. Hip hop dance infuses the latest styles of street dancing that requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves.


Tumbling is a combination of acrobatics and gymnastics. It consists of floor tricks (backbends, cartwheels, round offs...etc.) It focuses on building muscle, strength and flexibility.

Tot Tumble (2-4)

Offers toddlers an introduction to the fundamentals of tumbling that will provide the building blocks necessary for their potential development in dance and overall fitness. By learning the benefits of flexibility, balance, strength, and body control inherent in all aspects of tumbling, your child will be better equipped to safely enjoy and excel in all of his or her future athletic endeavors.


Companyoffers the opportunity for dancers to audition to become a member of our competitive team. Our team is comprised of dancers, teachers and parents. We consider this as your child's sport. The dancer's need parent's support to encourage them & cheer them on. This will introduce our dancers to the dedication and responsibility of joining structured programs.

  • Mini Company(Audition Only- ages 5-7)
  • Petite Company(Audition Only- ages 7-8)
  • Junior Company(Audition Only- ages 9-11)
  • Teen Company(Audition Only- ages 12-13)
  • Senior Company(Audition Only- ages 14-18)

*Sibling discounts available (must be enrolled in 3+ classes)

*Classes must have 7 enrolled or class will be cancelled. 

*All students must be potty trained. 

*Instructors determine class placement by age and ability during each semester. *Students may be transferred based on instructors recommendation. 


  • Spring Recital - June

  • Fall Recital - Christmas/Kwanzaa

  • Rivergate Mall Events

  • Parades


(Per Family)

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  • $45 per family

  • For multiple family, 50% off registration

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