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Showtime Shorties

Showtime Shorties

Age 8 (Placement Only)

This program is structured for youth with a variety of dance backgrounds: those new to ballet training, those who have had little or intermittent periods of ballet training, and those who need stronger foundational ballet skills. This program emphasizes proper placement, familiarity with ballet vocabulary, musicality, overall strengthening and the joy of movement. In addition to technical training this program includes the exhilarating styles of Tap, Jazz, Tumbling and Hip Hop. Popular, funky, street dance styles. Learn the latest and greatest dance moves like those seen in popular cultures number one dance platforms such as; Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Tik Tok, World of Dance, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Classes Offered 

  • Ballet (mandatory for all students)

  • Tap

  • Tumbling/Acrobatics 

  • Jazz

  • Hip Hop 

  • Modern & Contemporary 

  • Theatre/Drama

  • Company Team (Invitation Only)


  • Light Blue Leotard with tutu/skirt

  • Skin tone convertible tights

  • Nude Hanami Ballet Slipper

  • Tan Lace-up Tap shoes

  • Tan slip-on jazz shoe

  • RRDT T-Shirt

  • Black Joggers (Hip Hop)

  • Black Jazz sneaker (Tumbling/Hip Hop)

  • Black Leotard (Theatre/Modern)

  • Black tights (Theatre/Modern)

  • Half Soles (Contemporary Class Only)

RRDT Nashville Youth Dance Classes

SP24 Class Schedule

Please note: classes with less than 7 enrolled students may be canceled

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