Policies & Procedures

Dress Code

  • At R&R Dance Theatre we strongly encourage a professional dress code for our students with proper attire. (Please see dress code for your child’s age group.)
  • Dance shoes should not be worn outside of building
  • Student should come into class in proper dance attire with shoes on and hair pulled back and secured off face
  • If proper dance attire is not worn, student may be dismissed from class


  • When students miss class this is an inconvenience to the student and instructors
  • If student is late please check-in at front desk to gain access to class
  • If student has to be dismissed early, please send note or check out at front desk
  • Classes are not to be interrupted when in session

Withdrawing Policy

  • You must complete a drop form or you will be responsible for the next payment if form is not completed
  • There is no prorating or refunds issued due to withdrawing from class

Studio Rules

  • Parents are to wait in lobby area for student
  • Safety for your child is our utmost concern
  • Students are not allowed to leave our premises without their parent or guardian
  • Students are not allowed to leave to go to any of the neighboring stores without parent or guardian
  • Dancers should use restroom before class begins
  • If a student continuously disrupts class, instructors have the right to dismiss student from class and parent/teacher conference must take place before student can return to class
  • If there is a health issue that arises that permits full participation, please notify the studio
  • No food or drink permitted in dance studio, only designated café area
  • No smoking on premises

Class Cancellation

  • R&R Dance Theatre reserves the right to cancel classes for any reason including but not limited to emergency illness, weather or dance event. In the event of cancellation, a make-up class may be necessary but not required.

Class Observation

  • Class observation is strongly discouraged to keep the focus and attention of our students
  • Bring A Friend Day and Parent Observation Day is built into the schedule to view your students’ progress


  • All photos/videos are the property of R&R Dance Theatre
  • All choreography by R&R Dance Theatre staff is considered intellectual property may not be duplicated or shared

Photo Release

  • R&R Dance Theatre is hereby granted permission to take photographs of the students, parents, or legal guardian to use in brochures, websites, social media, posters, advertisements and other promotional materials.

Care of Students

  • R&R Dance Theatre is not responsible for providing before or after class care for the students. Students are not to be left at any facility where R&R Dance Theatre holds classes or activities for excessive time before or after classes
  • Please be prompt when picking up your child

Parent's Responsibility To Be Aware of Dates, Fees and Lost Items

  • It the responsibility of the parent or adult student to be aware of Posted Fees and activities, such as viewing days, recitals, extra classes, dates we are open or closed and balances. R&R Dance Theatre will post notices on the parent portal, website and email. It is the parent’s responsibility to regularly check the boards to ensure they are informed.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents or adult student to inform the school of any address, telephone or email address change.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to label their students items and to check the lost and found for any missing items.

Personal Property

  • R&R Dance Theatre is not responsible for any lost or damaged items and will not replace any lost or damaged items. All students should come to class with proper dance attire only. All electronic devices are not to be brought to dance classes.